When Spectrum Labor was founded, it’s base was in the National Policy Forum of the Australian Labor Party as it was here that co-founders Philip Gluyas and Helen Said came into contact.

Through this, our submission was presented and in it’s introduction it included the key points of intent;

1. Contributing Autism policy to the ALP National Policy Forum.
2. Providing feedback on the Victorian ALP Autism report and considering the state government’s response to the report.
3. Acting as a reference group on the Autism Spectrum within the party.
4. Promoting the acceptance and equality of Autistics within the ALP and the wider community, and dispelling myths and misinformation about Autism.

In addition to this it is also our intent to act as a general reference group in association with point 4 above, in particular in dispelling myths and misinformation – with focuses on hate speech, including talk of a cure and calling Autism a “disease”, and the false assertion that vaccines cause Autism – something that annoys Philip Gluyas especially. We wish to see all Autistics have access to their full potential and this is reflected in our policy platform submission. Equally, we wish to see parents of Autistics who are at the lower end of the Spectrum get all the appropriate help possible and assuring them that they are not alone and do not need to fight for their child’s rights by themselves.

We are different – not less.